Here are some samples from my kitchen. All recipes have been developed, by yours truly, and quite an history behind them.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not against sour desserts by any means,but I love my cakes sweet.
I do and the proof is in the taste.Take my word for it, at least until you get to taste any of them, that is.

Also, as one could easily tell just by looking at them, I use lots of different types of nuts as well.
So, what that means is, unfortunately, they are not for everyone.

Rest assure, I have been experimenting with sugar and gluten-free versions of them for some time as well.

"Safer" versions could easily compete with their counterparts, taste wise, however,
they come with a bit of an extra cost and a bit of responsibility,
not to mention, they happen to give one the false security of "These are healthier so, it is safe to binge on them"
kind of thought which is not what I want to encourage.
I strongly believe that anything that taste good should be consumed in small amounts and less frequently.
Hence the subtitle,
"A Guilty Pleasure Break!"
But hey, I'm not saying never though, let's see how things play out for the future.