Hi You,
Gyrtsi here
(a.k.a. Wolfhell, G.R.Senn)

Who the hell am I?
I'm a cake enthusiast and a coffee monster.
I'm also an artist; music, graphic design, animation,...

In general, I do my best to follow a healthy path...

I also believe in small breaks once in a while
whereby I can just let go and enjoy "bad" food.


"Why?" You may ask.
Good question.

Life is tough as it is and it's not just about breathing.
Actually, sometimes, life is nothing but pure hell.

But hey, I've got cake in the fridge and black coffee on the way...

In these pages, I'll try to share the best of both worlds and more.

Follow, with a grain of salt, though...

How it all started is a strange story.

I'm an artist who likes spending time in caf├ęs. Concepts seem to come to me very easily
when I'm out there somewhere, sipping my coffee, lost in a daydreaming state,
inhaling the smell of a freshly baked pastry of some sort.

And boy, are there are many wonderful samples of joy for my taste buds out there.
Most of them are delicious.

I've loved them forever, not denying that.
However, I'd still been yearning for something a little different,
custom made delights that combine the best of all worlds, according to me.

I was looking for a certain light that I had never seen before.
They haven't appeared out of thin air that's for sure.
But when I let my imagination take over, after a few trials and errors,
I've got there.

Mind you, I don't usually eat sugar, simple carbohydrates,
like bread, pasta, rise etc....like, at all, OK?

I know they're not great choices for my health.

But once in a blue moon,
especially if I've been a good boy for a week or two,
or even a month, I go straight for the throat.

And when I do, I want the works.

It may only be a piece of pastry or a slice of pie, but it's gotta be the real deal.

I am not against healthy alternatives, not at all.
It's just that, instead of eating pretend-delights everyday.

I'd rather have that "big bad poison" once in a long while.
It's just my choice.
That way, not only do I get to experience the full ecstasy,
but I get to avoid developing the unhealthy habit of


craving for a snack every bloody single day.

Yes, this IS My Guilty Pleasure Break,
but it's all it's meant to be,
just a break from the hustle
and the grind of life,
a steak, right
to the heart of boredom.





O' whatever...